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Welcome to CAA Ministries!  
Division of CAA Software, Inc.

Church Administration Assistance (CAA)
was developed out of a desire to free pastors and other church personnel to be the nurturing agents of the body of Christ they want to be. Too often, little time is left after the daily demands have been met.  Our logo displays praying hands and shaking hands representing the two things we believe holds churches together – prayer and relationships! C.A.A. Ministries is an organized ministry designed to provide assistance in the area of church administration. We work to build Christian relationships between all people. We do not try to reinvent the wheel; we just work to help it run smoothly. Our ministry focal points are in providing churches with custom-designed Web-based Outreach and Church Growth Software Solutions. We at CAA Ministries strive to assist a church in becoming more Great Commission Focused. Our goal is to meet church needs for ministry growth.

We  feature and  offer:

  • MemberLink
  • OutreachLink
  • SchedulerLink
  • ContributionLink
  • InventoryLink
  • CheckinLink
  • The Seven Key Ministries – FREE
  • CAA PrayerLink – FREE
  • Share Romans Road App – FREE